Top 10 Reasons to Love Your Curls

Curls are unique
Let’s face it, you are standing in the crowd - and that’s good. Even if you are among your curly gal buddies, your textured curls are still different.

No two ringlets are alike, so smile when you enter the crowd, because you know you will not get lost in it.

Curly hair = more choice
The styling options are endless; the decision is yours. You can wear it naturally, and let your curls be. Or, you can soften curls into glamorous waves.

If you really want to, you can straighten them once in a while too. Your choice. Stick direct locks often cannot even hold a wave longer than an hour. Oh, husk, it’s just too bad.

You can play in the rain
Isn’t it great to miss the stress that comes with the weather forecast? Instead of panicking when you are in a sudden downpour, you say, “Bring it!”

You save the package in the hair salon
No special treatment is needed because your hair is finally healthy. It also means that your strong locks can withstand the incredible splash of color you’ve been waiting for to try. Now you can use some of the extra cash you saved to get these points in the end. Cha Jing!

No more damage
You no longer need to worry if it happens that day, a flat iron clicks your curls like twigs. Now you are focused on the life of your life, and let your curls be simple.

Curly hair makes you more planets human.
Yes, it’s right. Since you do not have to wash your hair all the time (you do not want to deprive moisture from your curls), you actually save water by spending less time in the shower. Who knew that curly girls were so environmentally conscious?

Your styling tools are simple
You do not need to own a brush. There is no need to clutter your vanity with another styling tool, especially when the brushes only tear into your curls. How sweet it is to eliminate one more step in the styling procedure.

You are a sleeping beauty again
Grumpy matinees? Everybody left! No more waking up until dawn to begin a stretched straightening procedure that leaves you as grumpy as one of the seven dwarfs.

No more sleepy eyes, dark circles or incessant yawns all day long! Finally, a little more shuteye.that is there until the prince comes to a call.

You can get ready in flash
Still, see how you spent hours in the cabin. A sexy, disheveled look is always “in” when you have textures on your side.

Stick-straight locks that take a lot more time and effort (think curling irons, best hot rollers and hairspray) to look glamorously fulfilled.

You can relax
No more going against the grain (or in this case, texture). Maybe you spent years struggling with your texture, forcing it into a straitjacket that just didn’t fit. Well, that was yesterday. It feels good to know that you are finally free.